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These sort of payments need regular updates and maintenance hence we provide the option to manage recurring payments.

Our latest inclusion been making payments through text messages through your cellular phones. Think can’t be easier than this?

But we still understand that chargebacks are always a loss for our customers, so we try and avoid any chance of chargeback.

We are pioneers of the payment solutions industry


And have an extensive experience spanning a decade. Our customer driven business coupled with happy employees has helped us to achieve such success. Another important factor to our success is our willingness to adapt. We have achieved to maintain our principles coupled with adaptation of new technologies and specifications. We also maintain our loyal customers by providing them with unmatched services that are a value for money as well efficient.


Some of our remarkable range of services are:


We do not charge our customer that is the biller any extra processing fee. This is applicable for all modes of transactions. There would be no extra processing cost for paying with any cards. This has two benefits for the customer, one they increase their business value by increasing their range of payments for their customers. Secondly they do not have to lose any extra money for their due payments. For example: if the biller charges for a hundred dollars, the biller will receive the complete amount of a hundred dollars in their account.


It is extremely secure mode of payment, and the biller does not have to worry about anything else. Also checks are most preferred way of payment these days. The only problem faced by the biller was that it takes time to encash the checks. So the biller would receive the payment after a delay which might affect their business cycle. To solve this problem we assure our customers by processing their payments by the encashing their due checks electronically and transferring ACH payments to their account immediately. So businesses with checks are not a problem anymore. Visit our new website at if you want to learn more about payment gateway software and how it could help your company grow.


Our gateway is compatible with all types of operating systems, as well as can be integrated with any development platform. Our payment gateway is designed to process all card payments without any exceptions. There are also different options of in site payment or redirected payment. Our payment gateway comes integrated with highest level of SSL encryption to uphold our assurance of security.


Chargeback usually means the biller has to refund the amount or refund a penalty in various cases after the payment is done. There could be various reasons like Technical error, real time processing error, billing error, return of product, termination of service, compensation, refunds, cashback etc. Most of them cannot be avoided. This may not completely solve your chargeback transactions but will definitely bring a significant decrease.


We provide our customers with option of optimizing their payment options to suit different customers living in different time zones. Which means we provide them with 24*7 payment facilities, so they can receive their payments without any delays due to time differences or convenience issues. We also provide our customers with round the clock customer support that helps their customers to solve all their payment related issues, and also assist them throughout the process.


When we manage all of your payment requirements, rest assured we provide with the most convenient and easy, varied methods of payment to our customers. We have incorporated various possible methods of payment. Most of the service businesses have regular interval payments, even product based businesses have installment payments. As well as there are many subscription services that require regular intervals of payment to function. We ensure that regular payments are made, or else the debtor is fined.These are just few of the wide array of services that we provide with our payment solutions.

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